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Bring a digital Camera and Audio Recorder.

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Folsom Spirits Tours

 Call for reservations. 985-264-9065

 Here is John in body, as he was in life.

Folsom Spirits Tours are Wednesday-Saturday 8:00pm till  Reservations are Required. We accept groups of up to 25 people. Call for reservations today!

80475 N. Willie Rd.
Folsom, La.


 Folsom Spirits believes spirits do exist. Spiritual energy does not die. Spiritual energy can not be destroyed. Don't miss this night time adventure.We were able to see into the spirit world through our photos and experiences on this property and we wanted to share this with everyone interested in the paranormal.

 Come enjoy our tour and walk down our mystical grove of oaks and take the spirit tour you will never forget. Bring your digital camera and comfortable walking shoes.

We are family friendly spirit tour company located on 12 semi-wooded acres in Folsom Louisiana. We are renowned for our spirit photography, namely "Orbs". We can almost guarantee if you come visit us, you will take home photos of strange and amazing things. People on our tours have snapped pictures of Orbs, Orbs with faces in them and even Mists and other apparitions!

  Compare it to the Spirit Orb Photo. Do you see John in the small Orb in the center above? Do you see anything else in the picture? Seeing is Believing!

 Folsom Spirits offers a unique tour you don't want to miss if you are on the Northshore. We are approximately 15 minutes from downtown Covington. This tour is exciting, fun and different. The spirit tour guide shows you proof of apparition and orb photos, while you sit around a campfire and listen to true ghost stories that happen on the property. The Folsom Spirits tour is a walk through mystical groves of oak and crepe myrtle trees into the unknown. Our tours are slightly lit with tiki torches along the walking paths and into the oaks and lantern guided touring is located on the rest if the twelve acre tree farm. The trees make up canopies and  tunnels through the woods. The tour is approximately two hours of fun and excitement as you walk and take photos with your digital camera. You will be amazed at the quantity of orbs and faces you can see in the orbs. You may also get lucky and get some photos of apparitions.

                          Folsom Spirits is proudly supporting the Louisiana Paranormal Economy. Visit a Haunted location in Louisiana near you, soon.

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